Made Aryana


A hotelier, Managing Director and manage some hotels, Restuarants and Spas in Nusa Dua, Kuta, Legian and Seminyak who has vision to build accommodation and introduce hospitality at remote Padangan Village, Bali Jungle Camping from the construction, operation of the Camp are use locals from Padangan, his vision to make an impact and improve village economic from tourists visiting these village, create jobs for Locals, buy produces from local market, create transport service for tourist and of course support Sunday school by visiting them with guest’s stay at Bali Jungle Camping.

Ketut Sulamin


Wife’s of Founder, she is origin from Padangan Village and now lives in Denpasar, She is working closely with Host to ensure the logistic and all garden and property maintenance all on top norch.

Wayan Sri


Wayan Sri and Husband start working from 2016 and they stay on site, from a village cake seller in Padangan Market and Now she looks after all guests and she is a great cook for all Balinese and Indonesia dishes.

Pan Surya

Co- Host

Wayan Sri’s Husband, he is from farmer and now he’s confidence in handling room cleaning, cooking and service guest in restaurant. He has a big smile and always willing to ensure all guest has a comfortable stay

Molly and Donsy

Our Dogs

Molly and Donsy have been with Bali Jungle Camping since they were puppies, the main role is to ensure that all guests are greeted every morning in the garden. Should they needed, they will gladly to escort for walking around in the garden, Molly loves to beg for foods and Donsy loves to walk with guests.

Our Values : Jujur, Disiplin, Kerjasama, Komunikasi and Kreatifitas,

Five values which refer to:

  • Embrace Truth and Trust
  • Uphold discipline
  • Keep our hearts open to new ideas and loving philosophy
  • Preserve, converse and support the environment for maximum human potential
  • Acclimatize to experiment and brain-storming by reinforcing creative thinking and process


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